A Look at the Pros and Cons of Filing Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is your chance at a financial fresh start. We will take an honest look at the pros and cons of bankruptcy so that you can hopefully enter the process with some valuable peace of mind.  The Pros Of Bankruptcy Although bankruptcy isn’t the most positive thing...

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How to Initiate an Eviction

As a property manager, you probably already know that eviction is a measure of last resort, but there are unfortunate cases when you must forcibly remove a tenant. The tenant might have not paid rent or violated the terms of the lease. In these types of instances, you...

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Exempt Assets for Bankruptcy in Kansas

No one is ever excited to file for bankruptcy, but sometimes there is no other option. Your bills are unmanageable, leaving you with no choice but to seek the protection of the court system. Fortunately, creditors cannot take everything you own. You are entitled to...

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How to Stop Telemarketers from Calling You

Everybody has been getting them and quite frankly everyone hates them. We are talking about telemarketing calls. The numbers are unbelievable. According to estimates, Americans received 26.3 billion automated telemarketing calls in 2018.How to Take Legal Action...

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How to Increase Parenting Time or Modify Custody

Custody is complicated. Emotions often run high, and everyone has separate agendas and goals. Parents might live in the same town or far apart. Some parents prefer joint custody and others prefer that a single parent have custody. When a couple separates or divorces,...

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Can a Divorce Decree Be Modified in Kansas?

A divorce decree can be modified in Kansas under specific conditions. As a guide to how you and your former spouse conduct yourselves after your divorce, the court can award modifications to the decree with sufficient proof that changes are needed. Adjustments could...

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