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Child Support

Friday, February 7 2014 3:35 PM

The Kansas Supreme Court adopted new Child Support Guidelines to be used as a basis in establishing and reviewing child support orders in the District Courts of Kansas effective April 1, 2012. These new schedules made some changes in previously authorized provisions including the amount of support paid for each child, the age for when child support changes as well as some adjustments for parents sharing custody. In addition to the gross incomes of the parents, the Guidelines take into consideration the state where each parent resides, age of the children, cost of health insurance, work related childcare costs, long distance parenting time costs, income tax considerations, parenting time adjustments, agreements to support children past the age of majority , as well as the parties overall financial condition. If your child support has not been modified after April 1, 2012, an adjustment may be appropriate under these new Guidelines. 

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