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DUI and Traffic Violations

DUI Lawyer

Many individuals consider traffic citations to be a nuisance and something that they can resolve easily themselves and treat them as an unhappy inconvenience. In Kansas, a driver's license is considered a privilege and not a constitutional right. Our office handles traffic matters including, but not limited to:

  • Jury and Bench Trial Representation
  • Driving Under the Influence
  • Driving While Suspended
  • Driving with No Insurance
  • Habitual Violator Actions
  • SR-22 Insurance Requirements
  • Diversion Applications
  • Administrative Hearings with the State of Kansas
  • Expungements
  • Withdrawal of ill- advised pleas

Our office can assist drivers to withdraw ill-advised pleas. Sometimes individuals having a number of charges may have one or more charges dismissed as part of a plea agreement when several infractions occur on one occasion.

Kansas courts for the most part do not inform a driver who appears in front of them of the full extent of the consequences or how a conviction will affect the individual's driving privileges. Fines and court costs are not all of the consequences of traffic convictions. Your traffic history can affect car insurance rates. Our attorneys can advise a driver when a plea or conviction may result in a driver's license suspension or be a consideration for a driver's license suspension. Defenses or favorable pleas exist and are available in most traffic matters. Defenses and favorable pleas do not exist in all matters. Sadly, some drivers may not receive a notice of suspension due to a recent address change from that reflected on their license and/or what Driver Control has on file. Drivers have the responsibility of keeping their address on their driver's license updated.

We are contacted by many drivers who want to inquire, after a habitual driver violation and/or suspension, about some form of hardship license. The State of Kansas has no provision for the granting of a hardship license to travel "to and from" work. The time to address many driver's license matters is prior to entering a plea, or if an ill-advised plea has been entered, then shortly following the entry of such plea.

We encourage drivers to contact our office for a consultation with any concerns regarding a driving citation or arrest. Of course, in these circumstances the bottom-line question is: can you afford not to have a driver's license?

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